Product roadmap

What's coming next

Bokeh has an exciting roadmap of new features ahead, here’s what you can expect


Home page options

Choose whether to show all your work on your home page, a beautiful list of galleries, or just a single full-screen image


Private galleries

Lock galleries so they are only accessible to clients or others you've shared them with, and enable high-res downloads straight from your portfolio


Gallery sorting options

Sort individual galleries by capture date or title instead of manual curation



Publish rich photo essays and articles straight on your portfolio, and share them around the web


Photo analytics

Learn more about the people viewing your work, which photos and galleries are most popular, how you were discovered, and more


Discovery platform

Let your best work be discovered outside your portfolio, on Bokeh's new social platform dedicated to showcasing photography in its best light


Lightroom integration

Connect with Adobe Lightroom CC to publish photos to your portfolio directly from your library


Shopify integration

Connect to the worlds most popular e-commerce platform to sell prints, presets, client sessions and more straight from your portfolio


Mailing lists

Integrate with popular email marketing platforms to let visitors subscribe to your newsletter, articles, and more

Is there something else you’d wish to see on our roadmap? We'd love to hear from you